Using Postman To Speed Up API Development

There are a lot of popular APIs out there and the largest ones have clients written in a variety of languages. Ideally, you just find the right client for yourself, read the docs and you’re off to the races. What about the less popular APIs, the ones that have endpoints, but don’t have a client written? Postman to the rescue once more. I’ve already covered the basics of how to use Postman in a previous blog, which you can find here.

Today, I’ve found myself in a situation just as I described above. I needed to integrate an API into an app, but there weren’t any clients for it. Turns out Postman has an incredible code snippet feature and this feature will provide you with code to hit your desired endpoint in a variety of languages.

In under 10 minutes, you have a way to access most APIs from within your app and start writing your methods instead of trying to remember how to format headers and make HTTP requests.

Software Engineer