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  • Chris Mansfield

    Chris Mansfield

    Head of Product @ TwentyBN building Millie Fit — your AI-powered personal trainer. Ex-Rockstar Games.

  • Josh M.R. Allen

    Josh M.R. Allen

    Crazy cool like a mouth full of 花椒 (Sichuan peppers)! Software Engineer | Rails | React | JavaScript | Ruby | AWS S3 | Proud father of a precocious explorer.

  • Corey Lynch

    Corey Lynch

    Frontend Software Developer and Security Technician with experience in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and React. Flatiron Software Engineering Alumni.

  • Dolly Desir

    Dolly Desir

    The sassy developer

  • Daniel C Reyes

    Daniel C Reyes

    Full-Stack Software Engineer / New York City / www.danielcreyes.dev

  • Brandon Gubitosa

    Brandon Gubitosa

  • Veronika Dodda

    Veronika Dodda

    Software Developer

  • Sonya Vera

    Sonya Vera

    I’m a software engineering student at the Flatiron school in NYC.

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