Adding Google Analytics To Your Website

Are thoughts of Big Data keeping you up at night? In this quick guide, I can show you how to integrate Google Analytics into your website in order to keep track of any and all activity that you’d like.

First things first, you’ll need to create a free account for yourself

After your Analytics account has been created, you should end up on a page that’s similar to this. First you’ll want to hit the ‘Admin’ button on the bottom, and after that ‘+ Create Account’. I may seem kind of redundant, because haven’t we just created an account? Think of it this way, the first account we created is just an admin account, the second account is for actually managing the website. With that one admin account, you’d be able to manage any number of website that you may be responsible for.

Let’s continue. Once you hit the ‘+ Create Account’ button, you’ll be guided through a series of prompts. They’re all fairly self explanatory. If this is the first time you’re creating an Analytics account, you can just leave everything on default, after all, it can all be changed later.

Next step is pointing the account to a website that we’d like to analyze. You can chose anything you’d like for the steam name.

This is where the magic happens so to speak. Once you create a stream, you’ll have access to a drop down labeled ‘Google Site Tag (gtag.js)’. You’ll want to copy this tag and paste it into the <head> of your site and every single webpage that’s associated with it.

After that’s done. You may have to wait for a couple of hours for the gtag to take effect. You’ll have access to see how many visitors you’ve had. If there’s someone on the site right now. Where are they clicking. How much time are they spending on each page, etc. etc.

This is just scratching the surface of what’s available. Once you’re a little more comfortable on the platform, you can create all sorts of custom tags and reports for any metric that you’d like to analyze. It’s an incredibly powerful suite of tools.

Software Engineer